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During the first quarter of the season, I noticed that there have been a lot of complaints about how NASCAR has been going downhill, with the implementations of the caution clock, the stage breaks, retirements of superstars such as Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, and Dale Earnhardt Jr., to name a few. Here is part one of what would change if I was to become a NASCAR CEO. If you have any other ideas that I may have missed, please don’t hesitate to share them.

The Schedule

Changing the schedule would be one of the first things that I do. To be honest, 36 races is far too many in a season. I would decrease the number of races to 31. I would also cut one race from several tracks (Las Vegas, Kansas, Texas, Phoenix, New Hampshire). None of those tracks really needed two dates in the first place.

I would move Las Vegas to after Daytona, place Chicago back in its post-Coke Zero 400 slot, Keep one New Hampshire date in September. (Weather is cooler in the fall as opposed to the summer), and make Phoenix, Atlanta, and Homestead the final three races of the season for the Cup, Xfinity, and Truck series. This makes sense, because Atlanta being near the end is a nod to the old days, and the weather in early November is better than late February (unless someone from Georgia tells me otherwise).


I would drop one Texas race, one Phoenix race, Indianapolis, and Pocono and move the New Hampshire date to Mother’s day weekend. There is no reason for the Xfinity series to race at the Brickyard or Pocono. New Hampshire going back to Mother’s Day (preferably a Saturday) would be the first step in giving the Xfinity Series its own identity again.

For the Camping World Truck series I would cut the fall Texas race and the Pocono race. The Trucks season would have 21 races in a season, with Texas, Kansas, Las Vegas, and Mosport being standalone events.

Depending on the quality of the racing product, the less races there are in a season, along with cutting the prices of tickets, I feel that more fans would be motivated to come to the track for race weekend.

Stage Racing

I would also outlaw stage racing. That is reserved for rally cars, not stock cars.

NASCAR does not need breaks like other sports. NASCAR is not, never has been, and never will be a stick and ball sport, and Brian France and Co. need to stop making it that way. There was nothing wrong with the original way of how races were run, but they seem to know what’s best for the fan base so…

Racing back to the caution would still be outlawed, simply for safety reasons. However, the wave-around rule would be abolished, as will the double-file restarts. (Except lap down cars to the inside). There wouldn’t have any green-white-checkered finishes either. If a race has a certain scheduled distance, then it will go that distance, no questions asked, and if the race ends under a yellow flag condition, then it is what it is.

The Charter System

In my opinion, the charter system is one of the worst things NASCAR has ever implemented outside of the playoff system, which we’ll talk about later. The charter system cut down fields from 43 cars to 40, and according to this deal, only 36 cars makes a full field. It also means that no teams can run more than three cars, and a team can’t run a car with a rookie driver for a select amount of races, which is completely stupid.

Cup fields have dwindled over the past two years, and stuff like this doesn’t help at all. This year, only 42 cars attempted one of the most prestigious races in NASCAR, the Daytona 500.

Gone are the days where 50 (or more) drivers would show up to races, and several different teams would attempt races to break into the series and make a name for themselves. But the charter system dissuades that completely, as there are not enough rides opening up for some of the top Xfinity drivers that are coming up through the ranks. I would disband the charter system completely and allow teams to run a car for rookies. I would also re-expand the field to 43 cars. Less cars means less cautions, but it also means less potential winners, another problem that NASCAR has suffered.

Of a 36-38 car field, only about 14-15 drivers have a realistic chance of winning a race on any given Sunday, and it’s been like that for the past two to three years.

Since the Generation 6 car was implemented, Chris Buescher is the only driver not of the top-funded teams to reach victory lane.


There was nothing wrong with the old qualifying format. I would go back to the single-car format that worked so well over the first 60+ years of the sport.

Here are some facts from the last three years.

12 different drivers qualified for the pole in 2014.  Two of them were from underdog teams (David Gilliland with Front Row and Brian Vickers with Michael Waltrip Racing). This is the lowest number since 11 in 2009.

15 different drivers qualified for the pole in 2015. (AJ Allmendinger won both poles on road courses for JTG Daugherty Racing), and 14 qualified from the pole last season.

Points Format

NASCAR keeps on screwing with things that were never broken in the first place to try to cater to a fan base that could, in all honesty, care less about the sport, while ignoring their core. The Monster sponsorship is a good start, because it’s the closest to Winston that we’ll get. This stage format with playoff points stuff seems very contrived to me, even though the intention is to make the regular season matter more. I prefer going back to the Latford System because it actually made sense. Even if a driver clinched the championship before the season finale, they would have earned it over the course over the entire season, instead of potentially losing because of one bad race in the playoffs.

Three potential scenarios can come out of the current playoff system.

Scenario A: A driver could potentially be barely in the top 30 in points after Richmond, and win one race in each of the three “playoff rounds”, and the season finale, and win the championship.

Scenario B: A driver could win no races at all, have a so-so season, and somehow win the title without winning a race.

Scenario C: A driver could have one of the best seasons in the modern era, winning 14-15 races, and one screw-up at Homestead can cost him the championship.

Part 2 of the “If I Ran NASCAR” series will come early next week. Next week’s post will focus on the problem of Cup drivers in the lower series, rule changes, and the fear of criticizing NASCAR.

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The Continuation of Campus Protests

College campus protests are becoming more and more routine, like death, taxes, and LeBron James getting out of the first round of a playoff series.

I already covered the protests in Berkeley, but thanks to new information spoken by Judge Jeannine Pirro, I found out a few more facts:

One. One protester was arrested during the chaos in Berkeley in February. A bunch of masked anti-first amendment thugs destroy the campus, break down windows, beat people unconscious, and mace them, and NOTHING is done at all?

Sounds like a stand-down order to me.

To make matters worse, on March 4, Trump supporters went to Berkeley, and one helpless elderly person was maced for no reason other than supporting Trump, plus the usual chaos. One person, known as Based Stickman, was arrested for defending himself and once more on April 15, when Trump supporters and AntiFa clashed AGAIN.

It’s funny how in the late 1960s, Berkeley was considered the home of the Free Speech movement. How did we go from that, to protesters burning free speech signs?

My, how the mighty have fallen….

It was only a matter of time before the Trump supporters started fighting back against the Antifa, plain and simple, as in what happened on April 15th. Eventually, bullies have to be stood up to. And to quote the “Be A Star” PSA from a few years ago, a bully is nothing more than a coward.

We have come to a time period where free speech (for some odd reason) is considered as hate speech.

Sadly, some of these jokers think they are doing the right thing by causing chaos and destroying things. It’s long past time for groups like AntiFa and BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) to be shut down and hit with RICO charges. We have these thugs attacking people with u-locks, shooting off M80s, macing people, and the police can’t do anything about it, for fear of being blacklisted and having their careers ruined.

People at campuses including Notre Dame, most famously known as one of the traditional college football powers feel “unsafe” about Mike Pence’s upcoming commencement speech there. Why? When did words make people feel unsafe? I remember when college students used to worry about getting busted for plagiarism and underage drinking. Now they’re scared of Mike Pence, who was the governor of Indiana (where Notre Dame is located) for four years?

Something needs to change and quick. We’ve got students shutting yelling at professors (in the case of shrieking girl at Yale in 2015), pouring salt on and snatching Lauren Southern’s phone (at University of Toronto), and shutting down speakers including  Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, and so on and so forth. Why? Because they feel “unsafe” on campus due to words. And those words happen to be spoken from the hands of individuals who happen to be conservative.

“Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful.”

If these snowflakes don’t like the speakers, just don’t go to the event! Or go, and actually listen to what they have to say instead of passing them off as hateful “Nazis”, “bigots”, and “racists” just because they have an opinion that you don’t like. There is a very small percentage of actual racists out there, and it’s sad that millennials are being brainwashed into believing that everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a racist.

Why are college millennials so fragile to the point where they can’t handle other people’s opinions and go above and beyond to shut down their free speech? Why do they claim to be peaceful and tolerant, yet the first time someone challenges their opinion, they need safe spaces, therapy dogs, and the like? OVER AN OPINION.

It is almost insulting how true this statement is.

This can’t keep up if millennials are to be the generation of change. As a fellow millennial, I will say this. We will not make it in the real world if we keep up this nonsense.

We can’t go attacking others who have a different viewpoint than us. We need to stop protesting against free speech and being violent towards others who have a different opinion than us. We need to put on our big boy and big girl pants, accept the fact that Donald Trump is our President and move the hell on. For the love of God, GET OVER THE ELECTION. It’s been almost 100 days since the man took office, and five months since he rightfully won the election, yet people say that he is “Not My President”.

Well, I have a question for you “Not My President” folks out there? If he isn’t then who is?

Barack Obama: Last I checked his term ended on January 20, 2017.

On a side note, the man needs to have a sit-down with his daughter and tell her to stop acting so wild and crazy.

Hillary Clinton: She “won” the popular vote, but lost the election.


Maxine Waters: The ever-so delusional representative of California’s 43rd district who is pushing to “impeach” him?

For some reason, the way she’s been acting, she could be prepping for a 2020 run for the Presidency…

Like I said in November, burning cars, inciting violence and fear, destroying property, and making various threats is not going to make things better.

Use that anger to make your communities better instead of cowering in fear. Stir up positive change, listen to other people and their viewpoints. Who knows? You might learn something. Take it from me. Some of my viewpoints have changed over the last year and a half, because I did my research and opened my mind to the different viewpoints of others.







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The Tolerant Left Strikes Again-Riot Postpones Milo Event At Cal-Berkeley

According to Winston Churchill, it was said that the fascists of the future would be the anti-fascists. This quote, unfortunately rings true with every passing day.

Last night, Bretibart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos was to do an event at Cal-Berkeley, but the event was shut down by the ever so tolerant protesters.

Image result for milo yiannopoulos
This is the man they are fearful of.

Oh, but that’s not all they did. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s opinion, but it is another thing to have a full scale riot. These fascist thugs destroyed a Starbucks, smashed ATMs, beat people unconscious with poles, broke into cars and pepper sprayed people, started fires, destroyed campus buildings, set off fireworks, and fought with police, all because of a gay Jewish man’s opinion.

This is what “tolerance” looks like to anarchists.

How did this campus go from peaceful protests in the late 60s FOR free speech:

The good old days, when peaceful protests actually meant something.

to shutting down a free speech event in what is supposed to be progressive times in the United States?

Image result for berkeley bridge block
Then again, this is the same Berkeley that students barricaded a bridge, refusing to let white people cross, all in the name of “tolerance”.

What is so bad about being a conservative that anarchists and the intolerant are willing to assault and potentially kill for having a different opinion than them in the United States of America? The sad thing about this is, like at DePaul University a few months ago, where another Milo event was shut down, the police were issued a stand down order by the mayor of Berkeley. So according to him, free speech, even if it’s something you don’t agree with, is not welcome, but destroying property and beating up innocent people IS welcome in Berkeley, California?

I have a few questions for these anarchist rioters who thought their actions were “heroic” and “brave”. Blaming Milo Yiannopoulos and Donald Trump for what you did is cowardly and pathetic, yet you creatures (you don’t deserve to be called humans, because no actual human acts like this) do not have any compassion or heart whatsoever.

“You can’t protest everything and expect people to still believe you have a cause.” -Tomi Lahren
  1. What exactly is rioting and destroying your own city supposed to accomplish, regardless of how you feel about Milo and Donald Trump?
  2. How can you claim that you are tolerant and accepting, then shut down conservative speakers and beat people up for having the “wrong opinion” because you assume that they are “Nazis” and “fascists”?
  3. How can you call people fascists and say that you won’t debate them when you turn around and act like fascists?
  4. What is it that terrifies you about free speech?
Image result for everyone i don't like is hitler
I assume this is what a lot of these people read before going out and protesting.

Rioters like you are giving what is left of liberalism a very bad name. There are some actually tolerant liberals out there, but they are decreasing as time goes on and being replaced by these goons. All this riot accomplished was increase Milo’s fan support and his popularity. I don’t care how you feel about a speaker, it is never, ever acceptable to riot and destroy a college campus because you don’t like someone’s opinion. Have ANY of them even done ANY research on Milo Yiannopoulos, or are they just following the crowd like brainwashed sheep?

I am not convinced that you like the First Amendment at all. Matter of fact, you probably would be happier if the First Amendment was abolished completely the way you guys act. All you want is for everyone to think as you do. You have no interest whatsoever in having a dialogue. Inciting fear is making things a lot worse, and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

This is what happens when we have safe spaces on college campuses around the nation. What used to be learning institutions meant to challenge students and teach different viewpoints have turned into glorified daycare centers. All of this nonsense breeds hate and bigotry and infantilizes college students (and some professors). Over the past three years, there have been professors assaulting minors for having pro-life signage, students throwing temper tantrums at esteemed professors, assaulting innocent reporters, and flipping over tables with a Republican signage on them. None of these are acts of bravery and heroism, they are simply cowardice. This is what happens when simple words and phrases are turned into “microaggressions”. And this is supposed to be “The New Americana”. Well, they sure as hell haven’t been acting like it lately.

This will never get old.

Part of me fears that unless we get law and order soon, these protesters will only get worse, and it seems that the mainstream media is compliant in these happenings. Even the celebrities are getting in on the action, most notably, Debra Messing, Sarah Silverman, and Judd Apatow. They are only making problems worse with their support of these anarchists All they are doing is turning more and more people into conservatives. All they are doing is further validating the reason why people voted for Donald Trump. All they are doing is assuring that Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020.

Speaking of Trump, this morning he announced that he was considering pulling federal funds over what happened last night. I say this is a good thing, because we need law and order to be restored. A message needs to be sent that hate and intolerance and suppression of free speech will not be tolerated. The Mayor and the Governor of California have yet to disavow the actions of last night.

What happened is sad because this is the same university that turned out sports stars we all know and love such as Aaron Rodgers (Pro Bowl QB), Jared Goff (#1 NFL Draft Pick last year) Alex Morgan (USWNT star), Tony Gonzalez (Hall of Fame Tight End), Marshawn Lynch, DeSean Jackson, Jason Kidd (NBA Coach), and Missy Franklin (US Swimming Gold Medalist), among others.

Because of the culture of intolerance, as a student-athlete, I would transfer from the university, or if I originally committed, I would decommit and go somewhere else.

This nonsense on college campuses must end. Something has to be done before more innocent people get hurt and possibly killed, and more property is destroyed.


















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Inauguration Day And The Aftermath

First of all, I’d like to start off by giving congratulations to the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. For a man such as Donald Trump to come in this with ZERO political experience and win in a landslide is an incredible feat in and of itself,
Regardless whether or not you like him.

And I say, that this man earned the Presidency. He, his beautiful wife Melania as first lady, his kids, who will take over his multi-billion dollar business empire, and Barron, who is going to be successful just like his brothers and his father. And to our new Vice President Mike Pence, and his wife Karen, and their three children.

I think he has what it takes to lead this country on the right path. The man worked his ass
off over the course of a 18 months, even doing 15 rallies the last three days before the
election, and a thank you tour.

But some people on the left don’t get it. According to Bill Maher, Trump supporters are “drug addicts”, according to Marc Lamont Hill, blacks who support or are willing to work with him are “mediocre Negroes”. And I haven’t even mentioned the protesters yet.

By the way, they’re up to their usual tricks. By that I mean tearing stuff up, destroying businesses, assaulting Trump supporters, setting limos on fire.

Tolerance In Action.jpg
Example #1 of “Liberal Tolerance”.

What is the end game that they are trying to accomplish here? More than half of these clowns didn’t even bother voting, they just like to destroy stuff for the hell of it. These psycho anarchists don’t get it, and they never, ever will. This nonsense will never change the results of the election. But a majority of them were arrested and will be facing some serious time, so, thankfully, law and order will be restored in this country real soon.

And the people in Hollywood showed how “tolerant” they were during this cycle. Because of this election, I have a lot less support for Hollywood than I did coming in. Because they are appallingly out of touch with the rest of society and look down on the average citizen, thinking of us as “deplorables”, “standard rednecks”, and the like. I bet none of them have visited “fly-over country” states, because it’s not New York or Los Angeles. They just prefer to live in their own bubble, which is sad.

People such as Charlie Sheen, a great actor who starred in one of my favorite movies of all time, Major League, wished death upon him last year. I no longer have respect for him after his disgusting remarks. Alyssa Milano tweeted that she would not get over the results of the election, George Clooney smugly declared there “wouldn’t be a President Trump”, Michael Moore continues to talk a lot of crap. To that I say that if they had such a problem, why don’t they run for President? They sure like to talk and not back it up.

But people don’t stop with their trash talk at Donald, no, not at all. People also make fun of his wife Melania and talk trash about her, and call her every name in the book, starting after her speech at the 2016 RNC in Cleveland, and in her speech before the election about wanting to stop cyberbullying. It’s the same people that lose their minds when someone compliments a girl, but somehow, find it okay to use disgusting remarks towards our new FLOTUS.

But wait, they don’t stop THERE either. They are even making fun of Barron Trump, Donald’s youngest son. Rosie O’Donnell (in all her “infinite wisdom”) called him autistic, and an Saturday Night Live writer called him a “school shooter”. Both of these women are just two of many who have talked trash about this 10 year old boy. It’s one thing to talk about Donald, but to talk about his kid shows how classless and immature these people are. Sadly, I don’t expect apologies from these losers.

Image result for barron trump 2017

And yesterday, there were are women’s marches all across the United States and in various other countries in the wake of the inauguration. Millions of women came out to the various marches, including Elizabeth Warren, Emma Watson, America Ferrara, Ashley Judd, Alicia Keys, John Legend, and the like. And Madonna, who, up to this point, had a great music career, making it to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, messed up big league yesterday during her speech, by making threats against the President, of which she is being investigated by the US Secret Service.


I definitely understand their right to protest, and at least they’re not going around, destroying stuff like the anarchists. But why protest against the results of a fair democratic election? Why call him an illegitimate President when he won the votes that mattered? Where are the protests against women being mistreated in Middle Eastern countries?


Where are the protests for these poor women?

Where are the protests against the sexual assaults that have been happening at a disturbing rate in Germany,Sweden, Great Britain, and France? Where were the protests years ago when Bill Clinton sexually assaulted multiple women and Hillary Clinton bullied his victims? In my mind, their movement would gain a lot more respect if they protested against those assaults. They missed a huge opportunity by not protesting at the Iranian assembly.

But in conclusion, I would like to say this. We can celebrate, but come tomorrow, there is much work to be done to turn around this great nation of ours. No matter how many #NotMyPresident hashtags are out there, no matter how much protesting is done, guess what. Donald J. Trump #IsOurPresident for the next (very likely) eight years.


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We Are Being Controlled And Brainwashed

Imagine a country with no Bill of Rights. Imagine a country with no Constitution. Imagine a country where the rich and powerful get away with heinous atrocities, and the proles who attempt to speak out are silenced or thrown in jail, expected to “know their place”. Scary, isn’t it?

This election has been a huge wake-up call. One party is going above and beyond to keep the power that they have. The other party is doing everything they can to discredit the nominee that actually cares about the future of our great nation.

We are being controlled by the media. They are framing the narrative and telling us what to think. Just like 1984. The media and the elitists feel that the populace are incapable of thinking for themselves, so they make the decisions for them, for “everyone’s safety”.

They are dependent on a complicit and ignorant population. In particular, our kids are being indoctrinated and poisoned with false ideas that “all men are rapists”, “Trump supporters are bigots”, “free speech is code for hate speech” and the like.

“War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” -George Orwell, 1984

What will happen to our Democracy?

American Democracy is at stake depending on the results of the upcoming election. Either we could either have a republic that protects our basic freedoms, and is for the people, by the people, like our founding fathers fought for, or we could have one-party rule for the next generation, and potentially be plunged into meaningless wars, leading to needless loss of human life. A society where reason, morality, and free speech is GONE.

It’s bad enough that we have “speech zones” and “speech codes”, “safe spaces”, and the like on college campuses, and suspensions and bans on conservative social media users, and kangaroo courts where “preponderance of evidence” rules over “innocent until proven guilty”.

Image result for looks like you've had a bit too much to think

People in the past warned us about this, and we, as a collective, have chosen not to listen. The same free speech laws that they protest against is the same free speech that protects them. If we have no free speech, any criticisms whether in public or private can and will lead to our arrests. Our internet was recently given away, and it has not been reported on in the media. The conditioning is so deep that it’s scary. Whatever happened to letting people find things out for themselves instead of crafting a singular narrative?

90%+ of the American population does not trust the media, and for good reason. The media is famous for will ignore obvious scandals, such as the WikiLeaks dumps, and talks for days and days about falsified allegations and celebrity gossip. What do I care what celebrities do in their time?  I used to think that such theories were the work of pants-on-head, tinfoil hat morons. Nowadays, people are going to alternative media sources to find out the real truth. It seems like nobody reports on or the important stories. Then again, 90% of the media is owned by six companies.

The elites keep the population distracted with the newest technological gadgets, crappy television shows that only show one side of the story, internet pornography, which is basically a tool used to keep men “in line”, and manufactured scandals. Think “Wag The Dog” if you don’t believe me. As a result, we have fallen into a collective state of apathy.

All of the above information should scare anyone, regardless of political party. Yet the populace shrugs their shoulders and continues on as if nothing is wrong. We’re too distracted to care, or we simply pass it off as some “conspiracy theory”. I understand that people place their trust in God, and that’s definitely something we all should do, because He can make miracles. But what will happen if our enemies attack and we have no plan to fight back because we’re too far sedated?

The elites that exert this control over is are like a crime family that just can’t be stopped. They claim that they know what’s best for us, when in reality, all they do is think for themselves. God forbid things ever go south, they have enough money to hide, leaving the normal population to fend for themselves without any kind of protection.

We are headed towards dangerous times, and we need to wake up out of our slumber and apathy.


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Why Hillary Clinton’s Actions Are Worse Than Trump’s Words


A few days ago, there was a leaked tape from an interview that Donald Trump did with Billy Bush in which he said some controversial remarks. He did the right thing by apologizing, and for that, I definitely commend him. The thing is, no man is perfect. People say all kinds of stuff, and to act like everyone is perfect is just unrealistic. Some of the same people that say stuff like that are the same people that listen to vulgar rap music and read 50 Shades of Grey (which sold 80 million copies!) It was said that he who is not sin shall cast the first stone.

What I don’t understand is people like Miley Cyrus (who twerked on a married man at the VMAs), Megyn Kelly (who made sultry poses for GQ and talked about her husband’s genitalia in 2010), and Lena Dunham (who ate birthday cake naked AND abused her younger sister).

Image result for miley cyrus robin thicke
The internet never forgets.


Do those words disqualify him from being President? NO.

Because those words pale in comparison to the things that Hillary Clinton has DONE.

Hillary called a 12 year old girl who got raped a liar, and she had the nerve to LAUGH about it, and the worst part is, the girl’s rapist only got TWO months in jail. The fact that the media is not calling her out her behavior towards a 12 year old is pretty unsettling. The poor young girl was so traumatized that she was in a coma for five days, had to go to therapy for 10 years, and can’t ever have children. Her name is Kathy Shelton.

If you’re gonna call Trump out for his remarks, then you have to call Hillary Clinton out for what she did 30+ years ago, and for her intimidation of her husband’s rape victims.

Yet Hillary claims to be a champion for women and a feminist, and also claims that “sexual assault survivors have every right to be heard, believed, and supported”. Apparently, except for Kathleen Wiley, Juanita Broddarick, Gennifer Flowers, Bobbie Williams, Paula Jones, and Monica Lewinsky. What kind of so-called feminist and “women’s rights champion” laughs at rape victims and take millions of dollars from countries that treat women like property?

Now on to our friend, Slick Willy, aka Bill Clinton. We know the obvious affair with Monica Lewinsky, leading to his impeachment in the 1990s. We know that he has had several affairs over the years. Word on the street is that he has a son from one of those affairs. Whenever Bill wants to be a man and reach out to his son, Danny Williams, is fine by us.

The fact that Bill raped Juanita Broddarick over years ago is downright reprehensible. And Hillary Clinton threatening her is even worse.

Juanita Broadrrick: “I’ve never heard one apology for what did to me when she threatened me after her husband raped me.” -October 10, 2016

How this man eventually became President is a mystery in and of itself. He should have been thrown in prison. Even though Bill Clinton is not running for President, the fact that he raped women and his wife threatened his victims is downright sickening.



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A New Plan For Black Lives Matter

As a young black man, I understand that I can be VERY harsh on social media. Obviously, I’m not a big fan of #BlackLivesMatter. But I am harsh, because even though it doesn’t appear like I care, I actually do. Somebody has to spread the truth. I hate seeing people of my race engaging in foolish behavior, because it gets us nowhere.  I want to see everyone of every color succeed, especially African-American boys and girls.

I have a theory. If Black Lives Matter wants to be taken seriously, then the group needs DRAMATIC reform. I understand that they are focused on stopping police brutality, but the group also needs to be more focused on stopping black on black crime and violence in the community, and focus on other issues in the black community.

I understand that there are a lot of African-Americans angry with what has been going on lately, and I may not agree with some opinions, but I do respect them. And I understand that anger may cause one to not think clear about their actions, but here’s a few questions I have:

Is burning communities to the ground, dragging innocent motorists out of their vehicles, and assaulting them going to help improve our deteriorating race relations?

Is looting, destroying cop cars, throwing stones and other debris at the police who protect and serve the community going to make others respect your movement and make others want to join your cause?

Is tearing down other black folks and calling them “coons” and “sellouts”, and lashing out at people for calling them out for their behavior going to help? They’re calling these goons out for a reason.

The answer to ALL of these questions should be NO. It has not done a damn thing to improve relations so far, and if this keeps up, it is going to make relations deteriorate further. There are better ways to deal with anger and injustice.

I fully understand that there are some barriers that African-Americans face, but acting out negatively makes us no better than our “oppressors”. In order to break down those barriers, BLM needs a new leader. A movement that is more focused on uplifting the black community instead of tearing it down. A movement pushing for PEACE and not hate. The movement must disavow and condemn people like Assata Shakur, who is currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. This movement must enact a zero-tolerance policy for violent, racist and disruptive behavior. In my mind, it is best for the movement should be politically neutral and not allow race-baiting figures such as Shaun King and Al Sharpton to infiltrate it, so they can line their own pockets.

-Where was BLM last year when 9 year old Tyshawn Lee was murdered in Chicago? Or 3 year old Major Howard in Cleveland? Or 9 year old Jamyla Bolden in Ferguson? Were there any nationwide hashtags for them? Where were the protests for THEIR deaths? Or countless other innocent black victims? Where was Al Sharpton? Shaun King? Deray McKeeson? Even Talib Kweli? Nowhere. And that needs to change.

More citizens need to speak out about the black on black crime that has torn cities apart. Too many innocent lives are being lost due to the “Snitches Get Stitches” mentality that discourages the black community from reporting crimes, for fear of retaliation. This has been going on for far too long. Nobody should be scared out of reporting a crime.

Black leaders in this movement need to be more focused on building a strong and peaceful community. They should motivate kids to stay on the right path in life by urging them to go to school, looking up to positive figures, such as Dr. Ben Carson, LeBron James, Thomas Sowell, etc. The movement should also motivate youth to stay away from drugs and gangs, and having respect for authority figures even if they disagree with what they are being told. Most importantly, the new BLM must push for respect of ALL races and differing opinions, and stop calling for riots and destruction.

The leaders also need to focus on helping fix the ghetto. Here are some ideas:

-Raising funds to fix homes, apartments, etc. There are far too many broken-down and boarded up homes that are lining in urban communities. Fixing up those houses would also create more jobs in the community.

-Keep having community events and festivals to bring people out. One particular festival in my neck of the woods is the Woodhill Festival on Labor Day. A house united will stand, and a house divided will fall.

-Highly promote two-parent households. Too many black kids are growing up in single-parent homes. Have parents become more involved in what their kids are doing in school. A good PTO would increase the probability of raising funds to provide after-school programs for inner city youth (Art, Sports, Debate, etc.) If kids have something to do after school, they can burn off that extra energy and use it as a force for good.

-Work hand-in-hand to establish a dialogue with police, city leaders, etc. to help stop crime in inner-city communities. The police are not perfect, but they are there to protect and serve the community. This is important because cooperation is key. Citizens should be encouraged to report crimes in the community without fearing retaliation, like I said earlier.

-If and when the inner-city communities get cleaned up, more business will move into the community. More businesses means more jobs, and more jobs means more money flowing into the community. The more money flowing in, the better the chance of the community climbing out of the hole.

If Black Lives truly matter to BlackLivesMatter, then ALL Black Lives should matter, not just certain ones.


If we really want to, we can have a better future.

What do you think? Would a drastic reform for BLM work out? What, if anything else, can the African-American community do to improve? Feel free to comment below.

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The Rioting Needs To Stop. Now.

What happened in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, was an example of pure anarchy. Not peace, not prayer, just flat out chaos.

A couple of days ago, Keith Lamont Scott was murdered by police, and according to the Charlotte PD, Scott had a gun in his hand and was aiming it towards the police. That is a very dumb thing to do. This set off very angry people, one, who was found out to be Scott’s brother, claiming that the officer that did it was a white person, and ranting that all white were devils. None of those statements is true.

Later that night, several rioters took to the highways, started burning boxes, throwing rocks and other debris, broke into a Wal-Mart, and put several innocent motorists in danger. And that’s just the first night.

A night later, the rioters took to the streets and continued to act out some more.

In my opinion, even if one is angry at the police, it is NEVER a good idea to throw rocks at cops. Some police are corrupt and misuse their power, but that’s a small minority. The majority of police just want to do their jobs and go home to their families at the end of the long day or night, depending on the shift he or she works. Cops are human too, just like us. They bleed the same blood, and sometimes even have the same skin color as we do.

But the rioters don’t get that at all. For the second day in a row, they caused chaos, this time in downtown Charlotte. They broke into the Charlotte Hornets team store, by the Time Warner Cable Arena, they broke the windows of the Hyatt, and injured two workers, one body checked a CNN reporter, and the reporter for some reason said “Oh, he’s just taking out his frustration”. They also broke down windows of apartments, tried to drag an unconscious reporter into fire, and jumped a homeless white guy.

As a result of these riots over two days, several police officers, and a handful of civilians were injured, and at one point, things got so bad, that the National Guard had to be deployed by North Carolina governor Pat McCrory before things finally settled down.

All of this comes as the result of the policies by our current Divider-In-Chief. Because it is his policies that have made things the way currently stand. He has shown very little, if any respect for the police. If Obama truly cared about black folks, he would be calling for more police in the streets. The fact that he hasn’t yet said anything publicly about the riots is troubling. He has not condemned the violence going on at all. And this is what the waning days of his legacy is going to look like. Even though George W. Bush, his predecessor, wasn’t that good (he was a lot better than Obama), at least race relations didn’t devolve to these levels under him.

I have said this before, and I’m going to say it again, because it bears repeating. Here’s what I would like to ask Black Lives Matter:

-I understand that you are angry about what happened, and you have the right to feel how you do, but what is rioting, looting and assaulting innocent civilians and police supposed to accomplish?

And if Deray McKeeson and Shaun King really cared, they need to get off of their high horses and actually help fix the black communities.

When MLK protested in the 1960s and blocked traffic, first, it was for a good reason. There was brutal racism in the South due to the Jim Crow Laws. And second, it was a nonviolent protest. All he wanted back then was for blacks to be on the same level as every other person. I don’t recall him ever calling for anarchy and disrespect for police, even when the police turned water cannons and dogs on them. His call for nonviolence got the results. He would be rolling in his grave right now seeing the destruction that is happening city by city.

This is what a protest should look like. Peaceful and gets the point across.

The majority of the problems stem from within. As Sheriff David Clarke said, we have to fix the ghetto, not the police. I wish that Black Lives Matter was passionate about ending the black-on-black violence in cities such as Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago, just to name a few. If they are going to protest, it HAS to be done in a peaceful manner. Rioting and assaults cannot and should not be tolerated. November could not come soon enough.

The community also needs to establish a dialogue with the police. I am not saying that police brutality doesn’t exist. It does, and it needs to end. Unjustified killings, like the murder of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa a few days ago, are horrible and very troubling incidents. But that is no excuse to riot. We need to be more willing to work with the police, regardless of how we feel about them. We need to work hand-in-hand to help make the community safer.

As a black person,  we have to make some serious changes. We need to, like I said, back in July, stop glamorizing thug life, and start glamorizing education life. We need to settle beefs with our minds and stop being violent. Because violence, even despite our circumstances, is going to make the problem worse. We still need to teach our kids to respect the police and other authority figures, no matter what.  good people who are doing their jobs, because the last thing we need right now is a race war to further divide the country.

All that BLM is doing is playing into the globalist George Soros’ hands. He is paying some, if not the majority, of these agitators. He is just as complicit as Barack Obama.

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America: We Have A Problem


Yesterday, a sniper open fire, shooting 10, and killing 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas, during a peaceful protest against police shootings. What’s been happening the past two days is downright scary. A lot of people are very angry.

Alton Sterling was murdered two days ago in Baton Rouge. It is sad because even though the man was no saint whatsoever, it doesn’t excuse the action of those cops. Yes, police brutality, sadly, does exist. But are all police bad? No! There are a lot of legitimate police officers of all colors who just want to do their jobs and go home to their families. It really bothers me how quick we are to judge every cop for the actions of a select few.

As a Black man, I’m not a fan of the divisive and hateful rhetoric that Black Lives Matter is pushing.

If Black Lives truly Matter, why aren’t we marching in the streets to protest the high crime rate in Chicago and other urban cities.  If Black Lives Matter, why are we shooting each other over Jordans? Why are we threatening to harm people who report crime with the “code of silence” that is prevalent in urban areas?

There is a young black man who happens to be a supporter of Donald Trump, and it’s really heartbreaking to watch how much hate he has received on social media. If Black Lives Matter, why are they calling a coon, house negro, etc., and threatening to “beat his ass”? Because he has the audacity to have a different opinion? I guess he doesn’t fit into their definition of a black man.

Martin Luther King would be rolling in his grave right now if he was to see what’s been happening. I don’t recall him asking for violence against white people and police officers. All Black Lives Matter is doing is trying to drag race relations back to the 1950s. Violence and rioting is not going to solve a damn thing at all. It’s only going to make racial tensions worse here in America. It’s also really sad how they are celebrating and justifying the deaths of these police officers in Dallas, Texas.

The reason we don’t get a lot of respect as black people, is because we don’t respect ourselves. When we commit crime, we are making the problem worse, and dragging down the law-abiding people within our race. Here are some steps we can take to make our lives better.

We need to stop blaming “the white man”. We need to stop glamorizing thug life, like selling drugs and murdering people. Put the guns down and pick up books. We need to intervene to stop fights instead of yelling “WorldStar”.  Any beefs we have, we need to solve them using our minds and not our fists or weapons. We need fathers to take care of their children, and we also need better role models for our black youth in order to set them on the right path in life.

We need to teach our kids to have respect for authority and other races. We need former gang members to speak out and discourage kids from joining gangs, regardless of their circumstance. We need to support black businesses and create jobs in our communities. We also need to lift other each other up instead of tearing each other down.

The more respect that we have for ourselves, the more respect we will gain from others.

Complaining about the disadvantges that we suffer is not gonna help things at all.

The truth is that ALL lives matter, including black lives. This divisiveness and hatred must end. Or we will not have a country, regardless of who the next President is.

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Why I Decided To Start A Blog

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m pretty new at this blogging thing. But I’m excited.  The reason that I decided to start a blog is because I feel like more people need to hear my voice about things that matter. I should have started my blog a couple years earlier, but as they say, better late than never.

Throughout this blog, I will be covering a variety of subjects from politics to sports.

Stay tuned for the next post, coming tomorrow.