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Part 2 of If I Ran NASCAR…

In the first part of my series, I talked about the changes NASCAR needs to make, at least schedule, field, and qualifying wise.

Next, I’d like to dive deeper into topics such as criticism, the lower series, and rule changes.

Cup Guys In The Lower Series

I’ve pretty much beat this topic to death over and over again in previous posts, but it bears repeating. Get the Cup guys out of the lower series. Limiting them (at least the ones with more than five years of experience) to no more than ten races has not helped at all so far. Only two Xfinity regulars (Ryan Reed at Daytona and Justin Allgaier at Phoenix) have won races. Even though the Cup guys can’t run in Xfinity playoff races, they can still run the majority of the schedule.

Team Penske is only running their 22 car in nine races. Even if they’re not running for a driver or owner’s championship, if I’m a team owner, I would give some additional races to Austin Cindric, Chase Briscoe, and any K&N series driver looking to get their feet wet in the Xfinity Series.

If I’m the CGR owner, and I see that Kyle Larson is the points leader, I’m pulling him out of that seat and running Tyler Reddick the rest of the season, so Reddick can gain experience and Larson can focus on the Cup championship.

Image result for kyle larson monster cup
In this scenario, everyone wins. Larson gets a chance to run for the title, and Reddick gets close to a full year under his belt.

Furthermore, I would limit the number of races Cup guys can run in lower series to no more than five races with more than three years of experience. And this rule will be strictly enforced in order to give the series its own identity.

Criticism and Rule Changes

A lot of NASCAR drivers, and some media hardly, if ever, criticize the sport of NASCAR. It’s as if the sport is run with an iron fist. Ever notice that some of the changes NASCAR makes, there’s very little, if any objection to it, lest there be “double-secret probation”?

If I ran NASCAR, I would listen to fans and drivers when it comes to rule changes, points format, etc. The core base, even though it’s getting smaller, helped make the sport what it is, and should have more of a say in how the sport works. I don’t feel as if the Fan Council is really helping at all.

And if the drivers don’t like a certain change or certain rules, there should be room in the NASCAR rule book (that has never been made public) for change. Rule changes should have room to be repealed over the course of the season and not simply thrown on everyone at short notice.

Part three, which will be up either Friday or Saturday, will go into what to do in the event of driver confrontations, increasing the ratings, how the sport is broadcast, and how to sustain good momentum.


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