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The Tolerant Left Strikes Again-Riot Postpones Milo Event At Cal-Berkeley

According to Winston Churchill, it was said that the fascists of the future would be the anti-fascists. This quote, unfortunately rings true with every passing day.

Last night, Bretibart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos was to do an event at Cal-Berkeley, but the event was shut down by the ever so tolerant protesters.

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This is the man they are fearful of.

Oh, but that’s not all they did. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s opinion, but it is another thing to have a full scale riot. These fascist thugs destroyed a Starbucks, smashed ATMs, beat people unconscious with poles, broke into cars and pepper sprayed people, started fires, destroyed campus buildings, set off fireworks, and fought with police, all because of a gay Jewish man’s opinion.

This is what “tolerance” looks like to anarchists.

How did this campus go from peaceful protests in the late 60s FOR free speech:

The good old days, when peaceful protests actually meant something.

to shutting down a free speech event in what is supposed to be progressive times in the United States?

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Then again, this is the same Berkeley that students barricaded a bridge, refusing to let white people cross, all in the name of “tolerance”.

What is so bad about being a conservative that anarchists and the intolerant are willing to assault and potentially kill for having a different opinion than them in the United States of America? The sad thing about this is, like at DePaul University a few months ago, where another Milo event was shut down, the police were issued a stand down order by the mayor of Berkeley. So according to him, free speech, even if it’s something you don’t agree with, is not welcome, but destroying property and beating up innocent people IS welcome in Berkeley, California?

I have a few questions for these anarchist rioters who thought their actions were “heroic” and “brave”. Blaming Milo Yiannopoulos and Donald Trump for what you did is cowardly and pathetic, yet you creatures (you don’t deserve to be called humans, because no actual human acts like this) do not have any compassion or heart whatsoever.

“You can’t protest everything and expect people to still believe you have a cause.” -Tomi Lahren
  1. What exactly is rioting and destroying your own city supposed to accomplish, regardless of how you feel about Milo and Donald Trump?
  2. How can you claim that you are tolerant and accepting, then shut down conservative speakers and beat people up for having the “wrong opinion” because you assume that they are “Nazis” and “fascists”?
  3. How can you call people fascists and say that you won’t debate them when you turn around and act like fascists?
  4. What is it that terrifies you about free speech?
Image result for everyone i don't like is hitler
I assume this is what a lot of these people read before going out and protesting.

Rioters like you are giving what is left of liberalism a very bad name. There are some actually tolerant liberals out there, but they are decreasing as time goes on and being replaced by these goons. All this riot accomplished was increase Milo’s fan support and his popularity. I don’t care how you feel about a speaker, it is never, ever acceptable to riot and destroy a college campus because you don’t like someone’s opinion. Have ANY of them even done ANY research on Milo Yiannopoulos, or are they just following the crowd like brainwashed sheep?

I am not convinced that you like the First Amendment at all. Matter of fact, you probably would be happier if the First Amendment was abolished completely the way you guys act. All you want is for everyone to think as you do. You have no interest whatsoever in having a dialogue. Inciting fear is making things a lot worse, and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

This is what happens when we have safe spaces on college campuses around the nation. What used to be learning institutions meant to challenge students and teach different viewpoints have turned into glorified daycare centers. All of this nonsense breeds hate and bigotry and infantilizes college students (and some professors). Over the past three years, there have been professors assaulting minors for having pro-life signage, students throwing temper tantrums at esteemed professors, assaulting innocent reporters, and flipping over tables with a Republican signage on them. None of these are acts of bravery and heroism, they are simply cowardice. This is what happens when simple words and phrases are turned into “microaggressions”. And this is supposed to be “The New Americana”. Well, they sure as hell haven’t been acting like it lately.

This will never get old.

Part of me fears that unless we get law and order soon, these protesters will only get worse, and it seems that the mainstream media is compliant in these happenings. Even the celebrities are getting in on the action, most notably, Debra Messing, Sarah Silverman, and Judd Apatow. They are only making problems worse with their support of these anarchists All they are doing is turning more and more people into conservatives. All they are doing is further validating the reason why people voted for Donald Trump. All they are doing is assuring that Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020.

Speaking of Trump, this morning he announced that he was considering pulling federal funds over what happened last night. I say this is a good thing, because we need law and order to be restored. A message needs to be sent that hate and intolerance and suppression of free speech will not be tolerated. The Mayor and the Governor of California have yet to disavow the actions of last night.

What happened is sad because this is the same university that turned out sports stars we all know and love such as Aaron Rodgers (Pro Bowl QB), Jared Goff (#1 NFL Draft Pick last year) Alex Morgan (USWNT star), Tony Gonzalez (Hall of Fame Tight End), Marshawn Lynch, DeSean Jackson, Jason Kidd (NBA Coach), and Missy Franklin (US Swimming Gold Medalist), among others.

Because of the culture of intolerance, as a student-athlete, I would transfer from the university, or if I originally committed, I would decommit and go somewhere else.

This nonsense on college campuses must end. Something has to be done before more innocent people get hurt and possibly killed, and more property is destroyed.



















One thought on “The Tolerant Left Strikes Again-Riot Postpones Milo Event At Cal-Berkeley

  1. I like your insights in this article. Last night in Berkeley was reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

    The thugs on the Left are dividing this country and it is not unreasonable to assume that innocent people when assaulted may begin to band together to protect themselves. What may be coming? Running street battles?

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