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An Open Letter To SJWs

I understand that you may be upset at the results of the election. It is okay to feel sad,
but at some point, you have to get over it.

I don’t like this racism, bigotry, and intolerance that’s been going on on college
campuses. I don’t like “speech codes” and “free speech zones”. Shutting down a bridge so that white people cannot go across, like what was done at Cal-Berkeley a few months ago, is an act of bigotry and racism. That nonsense has to stop.

Image result for berkeley bridge blocked

Flipping tables over that support a presidential candidate, and assaulting minors for being pro-life is not tolerant. Storming a stage and disrupting a conservative speaker, leading to the cancellation of his event, is not tolerant. Slandering people for being conservative is not tolerant.

Image result for everyone i dont like is hitler
I assume this is what some of these “tolerant” people read.

If you can’t handle someone having a different opinion than you, how are you going to survive in society? The world is not a safe space. People are going to tell you no at some point.

Stop blaming white males for everything and anything under the sun that goes wrong. Especially the ones that had nothing to do with slavery back in the day. All this is doing is just causing more racism and hate, and we don’t need that in this day and age.

Donald Trump’s presidency is not the end of the world. Things will not be worse for LGBT, women, minorities, or Muslims. I am not a fan of this fear-mongering BS that you keep pushing on people. You can march and protest in the streets all you want, but that will not change the fact that he is the President. In fact, I believe that things will only get better for all of the four groups listed above. If he is such a “xenophobe”, why did he get support from those four groups? Why did he win in such a landslide? Conservative minorities don’t have “internalized racism” or “internalized misogyny”. Why do you think you can speak for everyone? You can’t, and you don’t.

If you really cared about “oppressed” people, why not come down off of your ivory tower and spend some time in urban communities and to help them out? If you want to make sure that women have rights, why not march in the Middle East, or countries where women and gays are horribly mistreated?

It is okay to be liberal, but at the same time, you have to have some form of sanity and be willing to listen to conservatives. Who knows, you may actually get some good ideas.



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