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We Are Being Controlled And Brainwashed

Imagine a country with no Bill of Rights. Imagine a country with no Constitution. Imagine a country where the rich and powerful get away with heinous atrocities, and the proles who attempt to speak out are silenced or thrown in jail, expected to “know their place”. Scary, isn’t it?

This election has been a huge wake-up call. One party is going above and beyond to keep the power that they have. The other party is doing everything they can to discredit the nominee that actually cares about the future of our great nation.

We are being controlled by the media. They are framing the narrative and telling us what to think. Just like 1984. The media and the elitists feel that the populace are incapable of thinking for themselves, so they make the decisions for them, for “everyone’s safety”.

They are dependent on a complicit and ignorant population. In particular, our kids are being indoctrinated and poisoned with false ideas that “all men are rapists”, “Trump supporters are bigots”, “free speech is code for hate speech” and the like.

“War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” -George Orwell, 1984

What will happen to our Democracy?

American Democracy is at stake depending on the results of the upcoming election. Either we could either have a republic that protects our basic freedoms, and is for the people, by the people, like our founding fathers fought for, or we could have one-party rule for the next generation, and potentially be plunged into meaningless wars, leading to needless loss of human life. A society where reason, morality, and free speech is GONE.

It’s bad enough that we have “speech zones” and “speech codes”, “safe spaces”, and the like on college campuses, and suspensions and bans on conservative social media users, and kangaroo courts where “preponderance of evidence” rules over “innocent until proven guilty”.

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People in the past warned us about this, and we, as a collective, have chosen not to listen. The same free speech laws that they protest against is the same free speech that protects them. If we have no free speech, any criticisms whether in public or private can and will lead to our arrests. Our internet was recently given away, and it has not been reported on in the media. The conditioning is so deep that it’s scary. Whatever happened to letting people find things out for themselves instead of crafting a singular narrative?

90%+ of the American population does not trust the media, and for good reason. The media is famous for will ignore obvious scandals, such as the WikiLeaks dumps, and talks for days and days about falsified allegations and celebrity gossip. What do I care what celebrities do in their time?  I used to think that such theories were the work of pants-on-head, tinfoil hat morons. Nowadays, people are going to alternative media sources to find out the real truth. It seems like nobody reports on or the important stories. Then again, 90% of the media is owned by six companies.

The elites keep the population distracted with the newest technological gadgets, crappy television shows that only show one side of the story, internet pornography, which is basically a tool used to keep men “in line”, and manufactured scandals. Think “Wag The Dog” if you don’t believe me. As a result, we have fallen into a collective state of apathy.

All of the above information should scare anyone, regardless of political party. Yet the populace shrugs their shoulders and continues on as if nothing is wrong. We’re too distracted to care, or we simply pass it off as some “conspiracy theory”. I understand that people place their trust in God, and that’s definitely something we all should do, because He can make miracles. But what will happen if our enemies attack and we have no plan to fight back because we’re too far sedated?

The elites that exert this control over is are like a crime family that just can’t be stopped. They claim that they know what’s best for us, when in reality, all they do is think for themselves. God forbid things ever go south, they have enough money to hide, leaving the normal population to fend for themselves without any kind of protection.

We are headed towards dangerous times, and we need to wake up out of our slumber and apathy.



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