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The Rioting Needs To Stop. Now.

What happened in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, was an example of pure anarchy. Not peace, not prayer, just flat out chaos.

A couple of days ago, Keith Lamont Scott was murdered by police, and according to the Charlotte PD, Scott had a gun in his hand and was aiming it towards the police. That is a very dumb thing to do. This set off very angry people, one, who was found out to be Scott’s brother, claiming that the officer that did it was a white person, and ranting that all white were devils. None of those statements is true.

Later that night, several rioters took to the highways, started burning boxes, throwing rocks and other debris, broke into a Wal-Mart, and put several innocent motorists in danger. And that’s just the first night.

A night later, the rioters took to the streets and continued to act out some more.

In my opinion, even if one is angry at the police, it is NEVER a good idea to throw rocks at cops. Some police are corrupt and misuse their power, but that’s a small minority. The majority of police just want to do their jobs and go home to their families at the end of the long day or night, depending on the shift he or she works. Cops are human too, just like us. They bleed the same blood, and sometimes even have the same skin color as we do.

But the rioters don’t get that at all. For the second day in a row, they caused chaos, this time in downtown Charlotte. They broke into the Charlotte Hornets team store, by the Time Warner Cable Arena, they broke the windows of the Hyatt, and injured two workers, one body checked a CNN reporter, and the reporter for some reason said “Oh, he’s just taking out his frustration”. They also broke down windows of apartments, tried to drag an unconscious reporter into fire, and jumped a homeless white guy.

As a result of these riots over two days, several police officers, and a handful of civilians were injured, and at one point, things got so bad, that the National Guard had to be deployed by North Carolina governor Pat McCrory before things finally settled down.

All of this comes as the result of the policies by our current Divider-In-Chief. Because it is his policies that have made things the way currently stand. He has shown very little, if any respect for the police. If Obama truly cared about black folks, he would be calling for more police in the streets. The fact that he hasn’t yet said anything publicly about the riots is troubling. He has not condemned the violence going on at all. And this is what the waning days of his legacy is going to look like. Even though George W. Bush, his predecessor, wasn’t that good (he was a lot better than Obama), at least race relations didn’t devolve to these levels under him.

I have said this before, and I’m going to say it again, because it bears repeating. Here’s what I would like to ask Black Lives Matter:

-I understand that you are angry about what happened, and you have the right to feel how you do, but what is rioting, looting and assaulting innocent civilians and police supposed to accomplish?

And if Deray McKeeson and Shaun King really cared, they need to get off of their high horses and actually help fix the black communities.

When MLK protested in the 1960s and blocked traffic, first, it was for a good reason. There was brutal racism in the South due to the Jim Crow Laws. And second, it was a nonviolent protest. All he wanted back then was for blacks to be on the same level as every other person. I don’t recall him ever calling for anarchy and disrespect for police, even when the police turned water cannons and dogs on them. His call for nonviolence got the results. He would be rolling in his grave right now seeing the destruction that is happening city by city.

This is what a protest should look like. Peaceful and gets the point across.

The majority of the problems stem from within. As Sheriff David Clarke said, we have to fix the ghetto, not the police. I wish that Black Lives Matter was passionate about ending the black-on-black violence in cities such as Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago, just to name a few. If they are going to protest, it HAS to be done in a peaceful manner. Rioting and assaults cannot and should not be tolerated. November could not come soon enough.

The community also needs to establish a dialogue with the police. I am not saying that police brutality doesn’t exist. It does, and it needs to end. Unjustified killings, like the murder of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa a few days ago, are horrible and very troubling incidents. But that is no excuse to riot. We need to be more willing to work with the police, regardless of how we feel about them. We need to work hand-in-hand to help make the community safer.

As a black person,  we have to make some serious changes. We need to, like I said, back in July, stop glamorizing thug life, and start glamorizing education life. We need to settle beefs with our minds and stop being violent. Because violence, even despite our circumstances, is going to make the problem worse. We still need to teach our kids to respect the police and other authority figures, no matter what.  good people who are doing their jobs, because the last thing we need right now is a race war to further divide the country.

All that BLM is doing is playing into the globalist George Soros’ hands. He is paying some, if not the majority, of these agitators. He is just as complicit as Barack Obama.


One thought on “The Rioting Needs To Stop. Now.

  1. Wow, great job man, especially getting that up in a day. Hopefully Americans will start taking care of eachother again. I was born in 97 and thought this kind of stuff was history until recent years… It would be nice to have a president who leads us to better ourselves as Americans instead of tearing eachother apart. Although neither of are current presidential candidates are very kind or a good example of cooperation, we can at least pray things will get better than during the last 4 years of president “hope and change”.


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