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The Insanity of A Politically Correct Society

In the present day, especially in the millennial culture, political correctness has taken the country by the gonads and isn’t going to let go so easily. How so?


With the introduction of “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” on campus. The definition of a “safe space” is a space where students can speak without fear of criticism. But these safe spaces have done nothing but severely limit free speech on college campuses. And why do students need “trigger warnings” for materials? I thought that college was supposed to expand and open the mind to different ideas and viewpoints. These free speech restrictions just sound like another stupid excuse to police everyone’s language. Several examples in just the PAST YEAR of how this PC disease is infecting the student body:

-Students being in tears and “feeling pain” after seeing “Trump 2016” chalk at Emory University during The Chalkening event in March of this year. It didn’t occur to ANYONE in the student body to just wash off the chalk. What kind of society are we turning into where people are scared of CHALK?

Image result for trump chalk meme 2016


-A professor calling for “muscle” against a student using his FIRST AMENDMENT right to take pictures of the Mizzou protests last year. I mean, if the students are going to protest, the media DOES have the first amendment right to film the protest as well.


-Two protesters (one blowing a whistle VERY loudly) storming the stage at DePaul University, and shutting down an event featuring gay British conservative Milo Yiannopoulos. The reason that one of the protesters gave is that the speaker “made him fear for his safety”. Then why did he even attend the event in the first place if he was “triggered”?  Yet, despite the fact that it was MILO’s event that was rudely shut down, HE is the one that is banned from campus, and the President had to resign as well.

Image result for milo protester depaul
What were these idiots trying to accomplish?

-“Tolerant and understanding” liberals attacking Trump supporters in San Jose, Chicago, and Albuquerque. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but throwing eggs at women, tackling children to the ground, making violent threats towards people on social media, spitting on people, blocking people on social media for daring to disagree with them and hitting people in the face with rocks is FAR from being tolerant.

But wait, IT GETS WORSE. These “tolerant” liberals didn’t stop at that, they ALSO destroyed 9/11 memorials at universities too! How messed up of a person do you have to be to destroy a 9/11 memorial?

The sad thing is that this overly PC culture is only fueling more hate because it is very intolerant towards individuals with other ideas. One more example I’d like to give is an ugly incident from November of last year, where one young lady at Yale University, one of the highest institutions of learning in the United States, throwing a temper tantrum, dropping foul and obscene language against a tenured professor. Now isn’t that sad? And what’s worse is that the professor who this baby’s tirade was directed at ended up resigning. The student did not get punished in any way whatsoever.

Dear Liberals, you are NOT going to like what I have to say, so I’m going to come out and say it.

Grow the hell up. Seriously. I’m not asking you. I’m TELLING you. Stop protesting about pointless stuff and go to campus. If you want to protest, don’t distract other students who actually WANT to learn. Don’t make the administration kowtow to YOUR crazy demands. Because the real world is not fair. There are no “safe spaces” or “trigger warnings”. People are going to disagree with you. That is how life is. You are eventually going to have to learn to accept other people’s opinions. Millennials, sadly, are being stereotyped as the generation of spoiled and entitled babies.

To quote the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, college is a not a 4 to 5 year daycare, it’s a university.



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