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Here We Go Again…

Surprise, surprise, Black Lives Matter is at it again. This time, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What’s the cause? They are up in arms because 23 year old career criminal Seville Smith (who was armed at the time) was shot and killed for pointing a gun at a police officer and refusing to drop said weapon when asked to do so.

And hours later, several protesters set fire to a gas station, a bank, an auto parts store, broke into a beauty shop, and dragged white people out of the cars to assault them.

Things got so bad that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Governor Scott Walker had to call in the National Guard.

Like a lot of people of all colors, I am getting really sick of these damn protesters and their actions. They have done nothing but cause chaos and hurt people. They threw fireworks, debris, and rebar at police in Minneapolis a month ago, destroyed and looted the city of Baltimore last year, and Ferguson, Missouri two years ago.

It’s one thing to be angry, but it’s another thing to destroy our communities.

What is burning down their communities, assaulting people, and throwing rocks at the police who put their lives on the line to protect them going to accomplish? NOTHING. These thugs, by their actions over the past 48 hours, have shown that they don’t give a damn about Black Lives at all. They just want to cause as much unrest and chaos as possible. And they want to spread the chaos to the suburbs and put even more innocent people in danger. We do not need to drag racial relations back to the 1950s and 1960s. These actions are downright disgraceful, and all participants need to be arrested and charged heavily. This is only going to cause more hate in America. And they cannot blame Trump’s rhetoric for this. And if our Divider-In-Chief could get off the golf course and actually address this, it would be much appreciated.

Yet, I and other sensible people get accused of “spreading hate” for calling out these subhumans for their sickening actions. Well, somebody has to. Because we’re not just gonna stand by and watch cities burn to the ground and have innocent people get put in danger. That’s not right.

I have one message to share with my Black brothers and sisters.

Please stop this nonsense. We are better than this. There are injustices in the world, but hate, destruction, and violence is simply NOT the answer. Getting together to stop the violence and fixing the community will. Having respect for yourself and other people will. Working hand in hand with police will.



One thought on “Here We Go Again…

  1. You are angry and have very right to be, as we all do. This is just agitating for a return to the separate but equal days. BLM, etc., don’t want equality. They seem to want white people to go away or die. Also, they really want communism if you get down to what they’re really demanding.

    It’s sad that we’re back to where we starts. Just when it seemed that this country was getting somewhere regarding race, the radicals take charge and drag us back to the bad old days.

    Would you believe there is ACADEMIC JUSTIFICATION for this rioting and looting? The end result is to punish white people, hence the “bring this to the suburbs!” comment. That is a VERY common sentiment, from what I’ve seen.

    And the new norms double-standard means that this is tolerate and tacitly encouraged as “legitimate” political expression. Disgusting.


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