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The Case of the “Tolerant” Liberal

Last night, in West Hollywood, California (aka Liberal Paradise) there was a mini rally for people who supported Donald Trump. There were individuals there of all races.

Unfortunately, where there a lot of Trump supporters, there are also a lot of anti-Trump people as well. As the group entered a restaurant, they were harassed by several patrons and were refused entry at one point. If that isn’t bad enough, one young woman actually took her “tolerance” the extra mile by assaulting Tim Treadstone (aka Baked Alaska) and throwing his phone on the ground.

Thankfully, the woman that committed this reprehensible attack is in jail, and hopefully, she (and any other attackers) get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s really troubling how liberals (esp. younger ones) claim to be tolerant, open, and accepting to any and all ideas until you happen to disagree with them.

These same liberals showed their true colors not just in West Hollywood, but in San Jose over two months ago where a kid was tackled, a man was beaten with rocks, a woman in a Trump shirt got an egg thrown at her, a Log Cabin Republican was jumped, and in Costa Mesa, where a Trump supporter was assaulted, and a cop car was destroyed.

These liberals are not very tolerant, but rather really ignorant and closed-minded people. And they have a lot of nerve to blame Trump’s “rhetoric”. I have never heard any Trump supporters jumping Hillary supporters, destroying cop cars, disrupting traffic, burning merchandise, or spitting on people.

I already said this on Twitter, but this bears repeating. I want to give a huge shoutout to Mike Cernovich of Danger And Play (If you’re reading this, Mike, thanks for the follow.), and Tim Treadstone (Baked Alaska) for their Periscope coverage of last night. They have covered recent events that better than the mainstream media, who, sadly, will not cover this attack because it doesn’t fit within their agenda. It takes a strong citizen to stand up for their beliefs in the face of brutal Marxist SJW hate. I hope that more citizen rallies continue to occur all across America so that the message continues to spread.


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