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The Attack on Black Conservatives

One thing that I have noticed during the course of this Election is an attack on Black people who happen to hold conservative viewpoints by other Blacks. Some of these internet thugs threatened to find a young black kid’s workplace and beat him up, just for the fact that he supports Donald Trump. Some of these clowns also sent a young black female death threats on Twitter because she didn’t support the BlackLiesMatter movement.

It’s really funny how my own race will call black conservatives like me a coon and a sellout, and say that we need to “get educated”. But if you try to debate them, or counter with facts, guess what? They’ll not only refuse to engage in debate, but they’ll block on you social media, which is really ignorant.

People like David Clarke (Milwaukee County Sheriff) Herman Cain (black businessman) Dr. Ben Carson (neurosurgeon) Stacey Dash (former actress) Lynne Patton (worked for the Trump Organization) are  sadly being seen as “sellouts”, “Uncle Toms”, “House Negroes” and the like. People like to claim “Oh, they’re acting white.” No. They’re using their minds wisely and also using common sense. I think that more of my race should look up to people like this who are respectful and intelligent.

I don’t like it when people talk down on Black Conservatives. It really aggravates me that people think just because I’m black, I have to think a certain way and talk a certain way. I just had enough. I was sick and tired of liberals telling me I’m a victim. I was sick and tired of the liberal brainwashing, lies, and misinformation. I had to leave the Democratic plantation. I couldn’t be prouder to be a Black Conservative.

As a Black conservative, just because I hold a certain set of viewpoints does not make me a sellout.





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