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Late DNC Recap

Last week, the Democratic Convention wrapped up in Philadelphia. I didn’t really watch much of the convention after the second night (I wanted to keep my IQ at a sustainable level), but I did watch some of it, and here are some of the “highlights”.

Monday night: A cringeworthy segment with Sarah Silverman and Al Franken. If they were trying to be funny, it didn’t work at all. Speaking of Al Franken, how did that clown end up holding political office? God help us if he decides to run for President in 2020.

There is nothing funny about either of those two hacks.

Also, Astrid Silva, an illegal immigrant who has no business being in America, bragged about how she got here illegally. It’s people like her who give hard working LEGAL immigrants a bad name. And it’s really funny how the Democrats constantly tell people to “Build bridges, not walls”, yet they had a huge wall around their own convention during the week. I’d say that’s pretty hypocritical if you ask me.

Lena Dunham, C-List actor and sex offender, also got to speak at the convention, as did America Ferrara, who hasn’t really done anything (that I remember) since Ugly Betty.

Bernie Sanders, sadly, missed a golden opportunity to call out the system that set him up to fail. He could have pulled a Ted Cruz and told his supporters to “vote their conscience”, and he would have been able to walk out with his head held high. But no, he decided to endorse the same candidate that the DNC basically backed from the start, at the expense of his supporters. Those poor people spent so much money backing this man only to have him not only lose by almost 1000 delegates, but to have him endorse a candidate that he himself said “lacked the temperament” to become President. I have a feeling that he endorsed her because the Clinton Crime Family has some dirt on him.

Michael Bloomberg also got to speak at the convention too, calling Donald Trump a scam artist. Bloomberg is the man who tried to virtually ban soda in New York City. Personally, I don’t drink soda at all, but I’m not gonna stop anyone who wants to. And he has the nerve to call Donald Trump a scam artist, when Donald basically helped New York City become what it is today?

In a nutshell, all the DNC did was bash Trump. They never really went into any strategies on how to make the economy better, how to create jobs, and at one point, didn’t even have American flags. Here’s a remarkable thing I also noticed. You know how the Democrats like to accuse Republicans of hating Muslims? Guess what? Until the last day, they had less Muslim speakers than the RNC (A guy from Muslim Americans for Trump closed out the convention one night).

And thus, Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination. This is a woman who:

  1. Has taken money from countries that oppress women and dissenters. (Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan)
  2. Has a rapist husband who has several mistresses and possibly an illegitimate child (Bill Clinton)
  3. Her irresponsibility led to four Americans killed in Benghazi.
  4. Destabilized the Middle East.
  5. Scamming Haiti by promising to help rebuild their country after the 2010 earthquake, but did little, if anything.
  6. Gave 20 percent of American uranium to Russia.
  7. Panders endlessly to minorities for their vote (Appeared on a radio show with a bottle of hot sauce)
  8. Deleted 30000+ emails and somehow did not get charged for it.
  9. Wants a 500%+ increase in Syrian refugees.
  10. Is probably not gonna debate Donald Trump because she knows she’ll lose.

There is a lot more dirt on Hillary Clinton than this list. And according to Julian Assange of Wikileaks, there is supposed to be even MORE information coming out over the next few weeks that may lead to an indictment. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.









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