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RNC Reflections and The DNC Leaks Scandal

The Republican National Convention came to a close in Cleveland, Ohio this past weekend, and it was definitely one hell of an event. Outside of a few battles between protesters and a few morons who tried to burn the American flag, things were very civil, and I thank the Cleveland Police, the Indiana State Police, the California Highway Patrol, the Secret Service, and any other departments I may have missed. Thank you all for keeping us safe.

On the third night of the convention, Ted Cruz gave what was (and I’m not gonna lie) at first, a pretty decent speech. All he had to do to close out his speech was to honor his pledge to support the Republican Nominee, Donald Trump. Did he? No. Instead, he chose to be selfish and prattle on about “voting your conscience.” This drew a lot of attention, and not in a good way. CNN political pundit Amanda Carpenter praised the speech, saying that she was proud of him for “staying true to his principles.” This man has no principles at all. Donald Trump did not have to invite this man to the convention, but he did anyway, out of the goodness of his heart. And for Ted Cruz to try to split apart the GOP is disgusting and shameful. Congrats, Ted, you played yourself. Even if you endorse Trump now, we don’t want or need your endorsement due to this little stunt.

download (13)
That face you make when you all but destroyed your political career.

To close of the Convention, Donald J. Trump gave a very rousing speech in which he spoke about the crime going on in the inner cities, our terrible open borders policy, the terrible trade deals that we made here in the States, and the problems going on around the world with ISIS. This is a man who knows what he’s doing. This is a man that genuinely cares about America. He isn’t some politician that is controlled by puppet-masters. His take no prisoners attitude is going to lead our country into excellence and prosperity. And his awesome speech on Thursday night proved it.

This weekend, the DNC Leak that came out showed some severely damning information. In e-mails, several members were talking back and forth about how to stop Bernie Sanders, from attacking his religion to paying trolls to pester his supporters. They even included CNN’s Jake Tapper and MSNBC’s Chuck Todd in on their heinous scam as well.

If that didn’t piss you off, this next bit of information will. Several members of the DNC referred to Hispanic people as the “Taco Bowl Community”, thus proving that they only see minorities as pawns in their crooked game. And they want to call conservatives racist? The Leaks also implicated chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who resigned, and was immediately scooped up by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Some things you just can’t make up.

Bernie Sanders, who is supposed to speak tonight at the convention, had no chance to win the Democratic nomination from the start because the system of superdelegates was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. His loyal supporters donated boatloads money to his campaign, only for him to turn around and endorse that same candidate. This proved that he, like the others, is bought and paid for by lobbyists and special interest groups. If Bernie Sanders had any backbone, he would immediately disavow the system that set him up to fail.

Then again, this is the same man who let two protesters snatch the mic from him, so don’t hold your breath.

Today, the 2016 Democratic National Convention is supposed to kick off in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m curious to find out what is going to happen on the convention floor, especially, since there’s allegedly more information out there that could potentially lead to a Hillary Clinton indictment.

With Donald Trump taking the lead in the national polls, and protesters that are looking to raise hell in Philadelphia, plus the exposure of the DNC, I have this to say:

Hold on to your seat belts and get your popcorn ready, America, because we are in for one hell of a ride.


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