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When Will This Violence End?


Sadly, the war on our police is continuing. Today, three more police lost their lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in yet another senseless act of violence.

And once again, BlackLiesMatter is celebrating the murders of these police officers, like the sick and awful degenerates that they are. Instead of being part of the solution, like the majority of sane Americans, they want to be part of the problem. I’m going to reiterate what I said in my past posts. They don’t say a damn thing on social media when a black life is taken by another black life, or when a black officer is killed, but they will only say something when it’s done by a police officer. And for them to claim they are a peaceful group when they are chanting for dead cops and look up to the notorious Assata Shakur, is very contradictory.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Fox News correspondent Shepard Smith has the nerve to call out Bobby Jindal and say that #AllLivesMatter is divisive language. He, like race-baiting pimps Deray McKesson, one time mayoral candidate for Baltimore, and Shaun King, a wannabe black guy, are not making things any better.

Never in recent history has there been a year so chaotic as this one has. These tough times require a strong leader. Unfortunately, the man that we have in the White House right now is a horrible example. For him to say that we need to stop our “divisive rhetoric” is very laughable, considering he had a hand in pushing it by inviting hate groups like BLM to the White House, not to mention importing unvetted migrants from third-world hellholes who do not want to assimilate to Western civilization. And to top it all off, instead of condemning the horrible attacks done in Nice, France, and pledging to pull out all the stops to defeat ISIS, he bragged that globalism will defeat terrorism, which is a crock of shit, proving he’s nothing more than a puppet doing the elites’ bidding.

The Republican National Convention is about to kick off tomorrow in Cleveland, and already, there are a bunch of protesters have set up shop downtown. Their end-game is cause enough chaos for our divider-in-chief to trigger martial law and cancel the elections. These “peaceful protesters” shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago, assaulted supporters with rocks, beat up women and kids in San Jose, destroyed cop cars and kicked police horses in Albuquerque and Orange County, spit on supporters in Portland, and they have the damn nerve to blame Donald Trump’s “aggressive, violent” rhetoric. These pro-communist, paid agitators are just being used as puppets by the elites, who could care less about them. The only thing they are accomplishing is turning people off of their cause and helping Donald Trump get closer and closer to the White House.

For any supporters in Cleveland this week, I pray that you all stay safe and travel in packs, because all these thugs like to do is prey on the innocent. I also pray for the families of the victims lost in the terrorist attack on Nice, France and the police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

We need to Make America Safe Again. For everyone.


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