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The Weekend of Chaos

Our country is going down the tubes. And fast.

The war on our police, sadly continues. Last week, five police officers in Dallas, Texas were gunned down by a sniper. I want to give my thoughts and prayers to the five officers’ families during this tough time. Yet, there are some knuckleheads on social media that are actually CELEBRATING the deaths of these police officers. This is so damn disrespectful.

These fools have the nerve to taunt those same officers that put their lives on the line to protect their asses on a daily basis. Some of those brave officers ran TOWARDS the gunfire instead of away from it. And if that isn’t bad enough, our divider-in-chief, whose name shall not be mentioned, does he offer condolences to the families of the victims?

No. Instead, he says that “we will never untangle the motives of the shooter.” He’s full of crap. I don’t know why he hates our law enforcement officers so much. According to the Dallas police chief, the TERRORIST said he wanted to “kill white officers”, and it was later found out that he had bomb-making materials in his home. And yet some people see this piece of garbage as a damn martyr, and are bragging on social media, saying that the cops “deserved it”. No. The cops did not deserve to get taken away from their families at the hands of an unstable prick like this Micah X. Johnson. I hope this scumbag is rotting in Hell.

If THAT isn’t bad enough, there were MORE protests this weekend, in Atlanta, Phoenix, and St. Paul. These protesters caused nothing but chaos. They blocked off highways (they did this last year), assaulted pro-police supporters, chanted ‘F The Police’, threw fireworks, debris, and one bastard actually threw a concrete brick off a passenger bridge, severely injuring a police officer. In all, 21 police were injured in St.Paul, and I hope and pray that each and every officer there makes a full recovery.

Last year, there was a group in New York that was chanting for dead cops. In Minneapolis, they were chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon”. And this year, they’re making death threats to police. What is this supposed to accomplish? Is this part of the “Summer of Chaos” they are talking about? Why the hell do these Marxists want a race war so badly? BLM is an embarrassment to the Black community. They should be ashamed of themselves for their actions last weekend.

Martin Luther King did NOT risk his life marching in the streets over 50 years ago for these morons to destroy everything he worked for. BLM is dragging black folks down by preaching a false narrative about “the system” failing black people. All they are doing is spreading HATE and causing division. If they keep this nonsense up, they’re gonna end dragging society back to the days of segregation, and that’s the last thing we need.

Urban terrorism is not going to solve a damn thing. Calling for riots is not going to help anything either. I hope that our President condemns this violence.


We need law and order in this country. Attacking the very police who are there to protect you is a very stupid idea. If we don’t have police, then we don’t have a nation. We’re just gonna descend into chaos. Get off the protest lines, and do something constructive with your life. For your own sake.

It is not easy being a police officer and to put your life on the line every day, not knowing whether or not you will come home safely. It is pretty heartbreaking to see how horribly mistreated our officers are. They are humans too. They have families too. I thank the police for protecting and serving our communities on a daily basis. It takes real heroes to do that.

God bless the brave men and women in blue.


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