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America: We Have A Problem


Yesterday, a sniper open fire, shooting 10, and killing 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas, during a peaceful protest against police shootings. What’s been happening the past two days is downright scary. A lot of people are very angry.

Alton Sterling was murdered two days ago in Baton Rouge. It is sad because even though the man was no saint whatsoever, it doesn’t excuse the action of those cops. Yes, police brutality, sadly, does exist. But are all police bad? No! There are a lot of legitimate police officers of all colors who just want to do their jobs and go home to their families. It really bothers me how quick we are to judge every cop for the actions of a select few.

As a Black man, I’m not a fan of the divisive and hateful rhetoric that Black Lives Matter is pushing.

If Black Lives truly Matter, why aren’t we marching in the streets to protest the high crime rate in Chicago and other urban cities.  If Black Lives Matter, why are we shooting each other over Jordans? Why are we threatening to harm people who report crime with the “code of silence” that is prevalent in urban areas?

There is a young black man who happens to be a supporter of Donald Trump, and it’s really heartbreaking to watch how much hate he has received on social media. If Black Lives Matter, why are they calling a coon, house negro, etc., and threatening to “beat his ass”? Because he has the audacity to have a different opinion? I guess he doesn’t fit into their definition of a black man.

Martin Luther King would be rolling in his grave right now if he was to see what’s been happening. I don’t recall him asking for violence against white people and police officers. All Black Lives Matter is doing is trying to drag race relations back to the 1950s. Violence and rioting is not going to solve a damn thing at all. It’s only going to make racial tensions worse here in America. It’s also really sad how they are celebrating and justifying the deaths of these police officers in Dallas, Texas.

The reason we don’t get a lot of respect as black people, is because we don’t respect ourselves. When we commit crime, we are making the problem worse, and dragging down the law-abiding people within our race. Here are some steps we can take to make our lives better.

We need to stop blaming “the white man”. We need to stop glamorizing thug life, like selling drugs and murdering people. Put the guns down and pick up books. We need to intervene to stop fights instead of yelling “WorldStar”.  Any beefs we have, we need to solve them using our minds and not our fists or weapons. We need fathers to take care of their children, and we also need better role models for our black youth in order to set them on the right path in life.

We need to teach our kids to have respect for authority and other races. We need former gang members to speak out and discourage kids from joining gangs, regardless of their circumstance. We need to support black businesses and create jobs in our communities. We also need to lift other each other up instead of tearing each other down.

The more respect that we have for ourselves, the more respect we will gain from others.

Complaining about the disadvantges that we suffer is not gonna help things at all.

The truth is that ALL lives matter, including black lives. This divisiveness and hatred must end. Or we will not have a country, regardless of who the next President is.


2 thoughts on “America: We Have A Problem

  1. Great read sir. It’s a damn shame a good majority of your people would look at you as a coon or uncle tom just for having respect for yourself and not glorifying the THUG LIFE !!! Stay Strong Buddy !!!!!


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